Make a complaint

Make a complaint

Complaints must be in writing. Pursuant to section 16(2) of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1996, the Inspector-General is unable to accept complaints sent directly to her office.

Address your complaint to: 

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

c/- The Registrar of the High Court

DX SX 11199



Post it (mail addressed to a DX number can be put into any mail box) or send by email to:

The Registrar will keep the complaint confidential and promptly forward it to the Inspector-General.

A complaint or enquiry should include the following:

  • your name, address and any other contact details;
  • the identity of the agency you are complaining about and your relationship with the agency, if any exists;
  • a description of the problem that concerns you including all relevant dates, places and times; and
  • any relevant documents including correspondence between you and the agency.

Electronic material can only be accepted on CD or DVD (no USBs) please. CDs and DVDs cannot be returned.

Where the Inspector-General commences an inquiry into a complaint, she will notify the Chief Executive of the relevant agency accordingly and provide a copy of the complaint.

If you have any questions about making a complaint including the likely process and the timeframes, you can contact the Office of the Inspector-General for further information. Our contact details are available here.

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