Make a complaint

You can contact the Inspector-General for advice and guidance about how to make a complaint, the complaints process and likely timelines before you make a formal complaint. Complaints should be made in writing and sent to the Inspector-General by post or email. Contact information is available on the 'Contact' page


Information about the kinds of complaints that can be made to the Inspector-General is available on the 'Complaints' page.


Contents of complaint

Your complaint or enquiry should include, if possible: 

  • your name, address and any other contact details
  • which intelligence and security agency your complaint is about
  • details of the thing you are complaining about, and
  • any relevant documents.

The Inspector-General cannot receive electronic material on USB drives or similar removable storage media devices. Electronic material can be received on a CD or DVD. 

Anonymity and confidentiality

The Inspector-General can provide complainants or whistleblowers with anonymity or confidentiality in some circumstances. If you are considering making a complaint and wish to remain anonymous or keep your complaint confidential, you should contact the Inspector-General to discuss these issues before making a complaint.

Notification to Director-General

The Inspector-General is required to notify the Director-General of the relevant intelligence and security agency if she decides to commence an inquiry into your complaint. This involves providing the Director-General with a copy of the complaint.

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