Draft Disposal Schedule

A draft disposal schedule [PDF, 192 KB] for the office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has been developed and we are asking for feedback from interested parties to ensure that we have considered a range of views.

Every organisation creates and stores information which may have some future value and should therefore be retained. A disposal schedule records the types of information held, the value of that information and at what point in the future a decision has to be made about whether it should be retained or destroyed.  

The fact sheet [PDF, 315 KB] will answer any questions you may have.  A feedback form [DOCX, 407 KB] is available for you to complete. 

Reports of the Inspector-General

The Inspector-General must produce a written report after concluding an inquiry. The report is sent to the Minister responsible for the relevant intelligence and security agency and the Director-General of the agency. In some cases the report is also sent to the Prime Minister and the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament.

Much of the information the Inspector-General deals with is classified and cannot be made publicly available. As far as possible, however, the Inspector-General endeavours to produce versions of reports which can be made available to the public on this website.

Work programme and annual reports

The Inspector-General publishes a work programme and an annual report each year.


The Inspector-General publishes policies about how she exercises her functions, powers and duties. 










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